About Michael

We called him Bug, short for both Snugglebug and Lovebug. As a newborn he curled up on his mother’s chest to sleep and cradled in her arms to eat. As he grew into a curious and energetic toddler he still found time to snuggle up with his loved ones.

He adored his siblings. He looked up to his big brother, Zacheri, and enjoyed using him as his personal jungle gym. He often blesses his brother’s lap with snuggles. Although he was uncertain at first when little sister Penny was born, he soon grew to adore her and often enlisted her help in when causing mischief. He even allowed her to share mommy’s lap.

Michael’s love, light and energy were infectious. He touched and left his mark on every heart he came into contact with. His bright eyes and smile could turn your day around. He worked hard and played harder. His imagination ran wild as he played with vehicles and dressed in costumes. His eyes widened as he learned new words and how to spell his name. He took pride in knowing his colors, shapes and numbers.

No matter what his days consisted of, they always began and ended snuggled in his mother’s lap.

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